Which Antibiotics Treat Tooth Infections?

A tooth infection, also called an abscessed tooth, allows the bacterial infection to cause a pocket of pus to form in your mouth. Typically caused by: tooth decay prior dental work accidents. Tooth infections can cause: pain sensitivity swelling Left untreated, they can also spread to surrounding areas, including your brain. See a dentist as soon as possible if you have a tooth infection to prevent the infection from spreading. For any infection in your head, you’ll want to be careful, particularly in your mouth because it’s close to your brain. Your dentist will prescribe you the best antibiotic to help kill your tooth infection causing bacteria.

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What antibiotics work best when contaminated with a tooth infection?
Not all infections with the dents require antibiotics. In certain situations, the abscess may get drained by your dentist. Many cases may involve either a root canal or removal of the infected dent. Antibiotics are generally used when: the infection is serious and you have a compromised immune system. The type of antibiotic you may need depends on the type of bacteria that causes the infection. Different antibiotic types have different ways to destroy the bacteria. The dentist would want an antibiotic to be chosen that will quickly cure the infection. Penicillin class antibiotics, such as penicillin and amoxicillin, are most widely used to help cure diseases of the dents.

In certain types of bacterial infections, an antibiotic called metronidazole may be given; Penicillin is often used for containing a wider range of bacterial species. While penicillin antibiotics are widely used for tooth infections, many individuals are allergic to them. Make sure to tell your dentist of any adverse reactions to drugs you have experienced in the past. When you have a penicillin deficiency, your dentist might have a different antibiotic, such as clindamycin or erythromycin.

How much do I need to take, for how long?
If you have an infection with a tooth that needs antibiotics, you will need to take it for about a week Trusted Source. You’ll need to take a dose two or four times a day, depending on the type of antibiotic. Your pharmacy will give you directions explaining exactly how to take the antibiotic. If you’re uncertain how to administer a drug, you should ask the pharmacist. Bear in mind that you will need to take a couple of antibiotic courses before they get into your body and start to work on the infection. Still take the entire course of your dentist’s recommended antibiotics, even though the symptoms seem to be gone. If you don’t take the whole course, some bacteria can survive, making treatment of the infection more difficult.

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If you have signs of a tooth infection, such as constant throbbing pain, swelling, and temperature or pressure sensitivity, see your doctor or dentist as soon as possible. Even if the infection looks mild, it can get severe quickly without proper care. So, we suggest you take the best antibiotic prescription and do complete it.