Top 3 Exercises for Abs for Lazy People

Every time see people doing crunches at the gym, the famous abs exercise, just want to scream! can’t bear people wasting their time on these unsuccessful workouts! want to take some of the exercises I use, today, and launch The Lazy Exerciser Sequence publicly! We’ll start with the Top Home Exercises For Abs, along with that we’ll cover legs and buttocks, & arms, back, and chest in upcoming articles.

Top Exercises for Abs #1: C-position Abs. My favorite right now.

It works so well on your absYour abdominal wall does not contain single muscle 
fiber that does not function to make this exercise happen! When started doing them daily was so excited revised the workout schedule with heart to include them. Hello tight abs!
top exercises for abs

Top Exercises for Abs #2: Standing Leg Lifts. Work those lower abs!

It is just amazing for the lower abs! Abs need to be really pulled to get your leg up. Plus, it is a practical exercise like this. You use certain muscles everyday. You have to pull your leg for every step you take to make that movement happen. The leg lifts make walking a breeze (even for hours!).

top abs exercises to do at home

Top Exercises for Abs #3: The Plank. For how long can you hooooold it?

Ahh, there is so much that can be said about the plank’s advantages. This used to be my favorite abdominal workout for 3 or 4 years straight. This has been replaced by the C-position abs recently. Yet, do not make any error. It was not substituted due to power shortage. It was replaced primarily because people who have sensitive wrists may have trouble with the plank. And yes, I am one of those. Its strength lies in being able to keep the spot on the plank for as long as possible. Did you hear about 1-,2-minute-planks? These words apply to holding the board for 1 or 2 minutes. It is tough! I advise you to start with 15 seconds.

best plank variations

So, which of those top home exercises for abs was your favorite? Which one are you going to start doing? The tops exercises for the legs and for the upper body are next up in this collection.