These Are the Top 7 Superfoods of 2020, According to Dietitians

Most nutritionists will tell you that a loaded word is “superfood,” and often the safety halo associated with so-called superfoods is not entirely won or warranted. But when asked to list the top superfoods right now, many nutritionists have chosen staples which are not necessarily “new” but a good part of any diet— fresh produce. But do not worry, we will provide the list to you and help you out.


1) Fermented Foods

Yogurt is a prime example of this type, since gut health remains one of the most revolutionary nutritional aspects today. Consumers are interested in discovering foods— like these four safe ingredients in the gut— that can actually help them minimize inflammation and detox.

2) Avocados

Though kale is no longer on the radar of nutritionists, the creamy fruit is there–and with good reason. According to Jamie Vespa, MS, RD, avocados contain approximately 20 vitamins and minerals including potassium, vitamin E, vitamin C, B vitamins, and folic acid. Avocados are also chock full of heart-monounsaturated fat and dietary fiber, serving about 50 calories per 1 ounce.

3) Seeds

These small–snacks are nutritious powerhouses, from chia seeds to flaxseeds and even hemp seeds. They are filled with dietary fiber, protein, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

4) Old Grain

Quinoa is not the only wholesome grain you will enjoy in 2020. Farro, a common substitute for enriched pasta products, and teff, similar to millet, can be used to top salads, bulk up grain bowls, or bake.

5) Exotic Fruit

From acai to goji berries, these deliciously sweet alternatives are strong fiber sources, as well as rich in antioxidants and cardiac fatty acids. We love them in tasty, balanced smoothie cups.

6) Blueberries

This superfood contains high levels of phytochemicals— including flavonoids, anthocyanins, and resveratrol — which naturally help the body combat inflammation. Many work has shown that blueberries reduce heart disease and cancer risk, as well as memory loss. Not bad for a berry!

7) Beets

Due to their high levels of vitamin B, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium and manganese, beet beets have been shown to help reduce the risk of many chronic conditions.


Consuming clean is all about optimizing your intake of nutrients when consuming mouthwatering meals made from balanced, natural ingredients. And what better way to achieve that goal than stocking your kitchen with a variety of top superfoods full of health-promoting, healing benefits?