When we exercise for muscle gain we are moving our bodies to positions they were not before. Our routine structure changes-weights increase and exercise intensity also increases. We recognize that to develop muscle and size we need to provide a stimulus that challenges us, breaking down, restoring and adapting (growing) our muscle fibres. Training within our comfort zone would only allow us to sustain our current strength and fitness levels. Through putting more pressure on our bodies, it is important that we consume the right foods and take the best supplements for muscle gain and to facilitate the healing process.


  • WHEY PROTEIN is essential for the synthesis of proteins, the process in which our muscles expand and adapt. Our muscle fibers break down during exercise and protein helps the body repair rapidly, thus increasing recovery times. Whey protein is also consumed and digested easily making it ideal for after-workout consumption.
  • INSTANT BCAA ‘S consists of Branched Chain Amino Acids, amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. It is saidthat BCAA’s aid in the process of protein synthesis, and help with muscle soreness and breakdown, making it a great supplement during intense muscle building workouts.
  • CREATINE is one of the most ergogenic supplements available. Creatine’s positive effects are undisputable in relation to increasing scale, power, and efficiency. Supplementation helps to improve the resynthesis of ATP, the body’s immediate source of energy, enabling you to work longer at a higher level, ideal for explosive sports like Football, Crossfit and Weightlifting.
  • HMB is an amino acid Leucine metabolite (a substance produced when Leucine is metabolized in the body). HMB has been shown to help develop muscle tissue by helping with protein synthesis, as well as helping to minimize induced muscle breakdown, acting as an anti-catabolistduring training –enabling you to work harder for bigger gains.
  • ZMA is a supplement that contains zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 and is believed to help increase the levels of natural hormones, muscle strength, promote better sleep, strengthen the immune system and support recovery. The body, and more specifically the CNS (central nervous system), gets under a lot of stress when the training strength or frequency is increased. Supplementation with ZMA can help restore and improve sleep quality (sleep quality and length is important for proper muscle recovery and CNS recovery).

Understanding Liquid Calories

Also critical for gaining in size is calories, and creating a calorie surplus (where the body expends fewer calories than it consumes). Hard gainers will also benefit from carbohydrate supplements because they are a fast and simple way to raise calorie intake dramatically without eating a food mountain. Hope this comprehensive list of best supplements for muscle gain will help you with your bulking needs.