Home remedies for cough and cold

In winter, cough and common cold are the health problems one is going to suffer from and as the cold wave hits the region, this health barrier is very evident. And it is not advisable to always focus on allopathic as side effects can not be ignored for such medicines. Alternatively, try some safe and […]


When we exercise for muscle gain we are moving our bodies to positions they were not before. Our routine structure changes-weights increase and exercise intensity also increases. We recognize that to develop muscle and size we need to provide a stimulus that challenges us, breaking down, restoring and adapting (growing) our muscle fibres. Training within […]

Top 3 Exercises for Abs for Lazy People

Every time I see people doing crunches at the gym, the famous abs exercise, I just want to scream! I can’t bear people wasting their time on these unsuccessful workouts! I want to take some of the exercises I use, today, and launch The Lazy Exerciser Sequence publicly! We’ll start with the Top Home Exercises For Abs, along with that we’ll cover legs and buttocks, & arms, back, and chest in upcoming articles. Top Exercises for Abs #1: C-position Abs. My favorite right now. It works so well on your abs. Your abdominal wall does not contain a single muscle  fiber that does not function to make this exercise happen! When I started doing them daily I was so excited I revised the workout schedule with heart to include them. Hello tight abs! Top […]