How to start calisthenics

The word calisthenics could get you to think of Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons gyrating enthusiastically in tight leotards, leg warmers, and sweatbands to 80’s pop tunes. The lack of equipment made it super easy for people to walk into a VHS room and have their workout done in the comfort of their own home. When the fashion trend of neon spandex died down, so did the curiosity of at-home calisthenics. But just because calisthenics had stopped being fashionable, that doesn’t mean they had stopped being effective. So, let us go back in time and learn how to start calisthenics.

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All of Calisthenics is based on push-pull movements. That’s likely why most movements have the term push or pull in them., speak of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, dives with triceps, and sit-ups. Anything where you work with your body, in fluid, guided movements, against gravity. The operative word there is power. You’re learning how to use your muscles as efficiently as possible, and you’re becoming the master of all your movements. You might assume that after you’ve perfected a movement like the push-up all you can do is do more push-ups to make it easier. That is one way forward. But inevitably you’re going to be so good at them that you’re going to do hundreds in a row which a) is boring and b) won’t help you work with your body any better. How are you doing, then?

Once you master a simple movement in calisthenics, in terms of the strength and points of contact with the ground, you start thinking beyond the box. Elevating your feet in a seat, for example, makes a push-up a little easier. If that’s possible, you should substitute the bench with a yoga ball to reduce stability. If you can achieve this without falling flat on your stomach, try to take off your arm or leg to lower your ground contact points and make yourself even less stable.

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As you can understand, there are many ways you can continue and learn how to start calisthenics, and there are lots of programs to try. You can mix and match them to meet your needs, too. That’s the best thing about a body-weight fitness plan, it’s your body and, whatever you want, you can control it according to your present skill and potential goals. You can advance at your own rate, and see actual, serious results without worrying about joint injury, costly fitness plans, or restricting your mobility. Transform your body to the tool that you know it can be!