Home remedies for cough and cold

In winter, cough and common cold are the health problems one is going to suffer from and as the cold wave hits the region, this health barrier is very evident. And it is not advisable to always focus on allopathic as side effects can not be ignored for such medicines. Alternatively, try some safe and fast enough home remedies to cure it and these remedies have no side effects! A few useful home remedies for cough and cold from the kitchen come straight here to our blog:

Home Remedies for Cough & Cold

1. Gargle with hot water by putting a pinch of salt in it, it will help to relieve the sore throat.

2. Keep on drinking hot drinks such as coffee and tea or only drink warm water.

3. Drink warm milk and add turmeric powder, ginger powder and a teaspoon of honey. This not only helps to treat cough but also helps to relieve bodyache, cold and headache.

4. The best home treatment for cold is inhalation of steam.

5. When you’re making your tea, add a few tulsi leaves and crushed ginger along with black pepper to it, cough and cold are a lot of relief.

6. One who is susceptible to cough and cold should eat Chavanprash (the best ayurvedic tonic for winter) or amla murrabba because it contains high vitamin C content that helps one develop a good immunity to cough and cold.

7. Honey turns out to be stronger than winter (or summer) hack quenching medication for cough. Of course, the bar wasn’t raised too high, because the cough medicines don’t do anything. Even, a little bit of honey helps.

8. Capsaicin (the stuff in red chilli peppers) is, as it turns out, very good for opening the sniffer and removing the gunk. Now if we can combine honey and chili peppers in an edible bowl…

9. Grandma also wanted to have some fun. All the easier to keep a bottle or two tucked away in the emergency cabinet. We’re not sure if there’s too much value of using liquor as a cough suppressant, but that’s essentially what drugs are doing.

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