5 Tips for How to Quit Smoking Weed, from the Experts

The thought of quitting can be pretty disturbing for someone with a long-term smoking habit. If weed is at the core of your life-your interests, your friends, your nighttime activities-it’s not easy to imagine a life without it. Yet, whether you know it or not, the use of illegal drugs at a federal level will hold you back in one way or another. But, do not worry, we are here to help you and give you some important tips on how to quit smoking weed.

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1. Get Rid Of Your Stock

If you’ve got marijuana around, you’ll want to use it. Don’t keep your medications around as long as you have agreed to quit; then, get rid of them and don’t look back.

2. Stop “people, places, or stuff” to smoke marijuana.

Persons in early drug or alcohol rehabilitation are often told to avoid individuals, locations or events that cause cravings to drink or use narcotics. To anyone looking to kick a cannabis habit, this idea can be just as beneficial. If you used to smoke cannabis frequently with a certain crowd, or buy joints from a dealer in the next town over, you might need to stop seeing these people and the places and stuff they are associated with — at least for a while.

3. Continue exercising day after day.

Evidence has shown that exercise can help alleviate cravings for addictions. In the wake of cannabis abuse (which a growing body of research has correlated with cognitive and behavioral impairment) it may also go a long way to restoring healthy brain function. Exercise is also a great protection against stress, and it can act as a safe, alternative coping mechanism for those who, due to stress, may have smoked marijuana.

4. Schedule Sober Events

When you spend the nights with other pot-smoking mates at events, it will be especially difficult to interrupt the routine. Rather than putting yourself in the path of temptation, schedule and arrange sober activities, or at least weed-free events, in order to resist the desire to use them. You can soon find out you can have fun without getting intoxicated and this experience will help you find sobriety happiness.

5. Enlist a support system

In most cases, if you let your friends and family know you believe you’re having a struggle and are trying to leave, you’ll be greeted with support and compassion. When you ‘re feeling weak, lean on your support system to help you get through the tough times.

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Any type of drug dependency can be a problem, including marijuana. Marijuana Dependency is a real disorder that frequently correlates with disorders of mental health such as anxiety and depression. Many people are dealing with this dependency, and need support to stop their use. Focusing on these tips on how to quit smoking weed can really help you go a long way get rid of this dependency.