10 healthy habits for students

Life is all about equilibrium. Good grades are of course important to a student, but so is your physical and mental health. Such good healthy behavior tips can seem obvious to students, but they do go a long way to keep you safe and satisfied during your studies. If you’re in school or university-or whether you’re a recent graduate or even a teacher – you should take advantage of these 10 healthy habits for students.

1) Maintain a regular sleep schedule-This is the #1 most critical lifestyle habit for students which is overlooked more often than not. We’ve long written about the importance of keeping a daily sleep schedule before, but how often do students stay up late and wake up late?

2) Don’t depend too much on caffeine-I got pretty addicted to coffee as a university senior. I have worked hard over the years to cut back on caffeine and substitute it with safer alternatives.

3) Find time to work out-Don’t be like me! The infamous “freshman 15” I endured. I wish I had developed good habits as a student, rather than after graduation trying to get fit and safe. Besides keeping healthy eating habits, finding time for exercise is necessary at least three days a week.

4) If you do drink, drink in moderation-I won’t say that students at university will never drink. As I said earlier, even a healthy social life is an important part of a balanced life, and after all, moderation is all about healthy living.

5) Keep hydrated-Pretty little student drinks enough water. Coffee, alcohol and soda all dehydrate the body. Hydration benefits are too many to count, but a well hydrated student looks healthier, does healthier both physically and academically, gets less sick and looks more content.

6) Evite all-nights-At some point during our academic career, we all had to pull an all-night. Stop them if you can, because staying up all night decreases your mental and academic output the next day, raises your stress hormones and throws off your circadian rhythm, which interferes with your healthy sleep schedule.

7) Practice good hygiene-Clean your mouth, do daily showering, wash your hair. Live clean and you’ll get a lot less sick!

8) Brush and floss your teeth-it’s essential to floss but hardly anyone regularly does it. Making it a routine to floss your teeth now will help protect your overall health more than your dental health.

9) Limit the working hours and maintain a reasonable consistency-Balance is the keyword here. Make time to prepare but still make time for your mates to watch the football game. Go to the activities with the kids, spend time with your family and workout, but do it all in moderation.

10) Allow time for yourself-everyone needs to be alone for a bit, sometimes. It’s important to take your time off your busy study schedule and your friends to recharge your batteries doing an activity you enjoy-like walking or reading a book.

These are only a few of the students ‘ good behaviors that can help improve your grades, wellbeing and overall happiness. It’s hard to find harmony in a student’s busy life but taking time to build these 10 healthy habits for students can help you find the balance.